Liars Reign

by Live Without

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Derek Piotrowicz
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Derek Piotrowicz Good ol' fashioned HXC. Reminds me a little of Fury of Five and Mushmouth with a little Disembodied mix in. With that being said good tunes here. Favorite track: Give Up.
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released August 24, 2013

Recorded at Blackroom Studios with Luke Garrigus
"Everything Leaves//Nothing Stays" Features guest vocals by Matt Honeycutt



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Live Without Houston, Texas

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Track Name: Introspect
You make me sick
I can't fucking stand it
Don't get me wrong
I'm all for acceptance, and spreading the message.
This is not a trend
You're fucking ruining it

No one gives a fuck about your playlist, or your new shirts that came in. Oh great another fucking mail day, time to post the fucking evidence, this is not a pissing contest. go fuck yourself, with all the other Internet hardcore kids.

I can't wait to see it fade from you
I can only hope it fades as fast as it grew

but I digress
Maybe you should open your eyes
And realize That open minds will free the blind
You'll find in time this isn't just music it's a state of mind
Track Name: Burrower
Another sleepless night rears it's teeth at me, alone in this place that was once my room. Dug in, falling to a lesser degree coming to realize, Ill never have a home again.

Death is calling, I'm ignoring the sounds.
Death is calling, I'm losing ground.

As I dig this metaphorical grave, I look up to the empty skies and pray.
What if I don't wake up this time? Maybe it's easier to live inside my mind.

Let me dig
Let me sleep
Let me dream
Set me free
Track Name: Say Nothing
I find myself constantly hoping that the way it was is the way it will be
I know now, what I should have known then.
Stuck in the right place at the wrong time that's the story of my life.
Being vague will only push me away,
but you're one in the same.
Ill just keep this to myself shit.
Track Name: Why Do We Care So Much For The Things That Care So Little For Us
I push away anything that makes me feel safe

I push away, everything that makes me feel safe. Hiding in a shell of my former self, but I built these walls cause I heard it would help.

Trapped by my own insecurities
I've locked myself in and swallowed the keys. I'm done waiting on you to save me.

I'm giving up on you, I've had enough.
I'm giving up on you, I'm fucking done.

I should not have to ask

Why do we care so much
For the things that care so little for us? Watch it build like rust
It's a heart soaked in love
It's a brain dipped in lust
When you start at the end
Which one do you trust
Track Name: Give Up
Fuck em
Let em down
Give up
It's time to clock out

Search for hurt
for a sympathy vote
Embellish pain
for a god damn status quote

I've learned that its time to quit life
Track Name: Inferior Design
I'm so fucking tired of this
Bland and pointless life
You expect me to just give it all up
And waste my time
I'm not like you
And I'm proud to fucking say that

Fuck it, Give me the god damn hammer, this is my casket to build.
Ill be there for every nail and i will gladly them in myself.

Let me fucking drown

And when the final swing comes down, ill wait patiently for the lights to fade out. I've made it through hell To be one with the ground.

Let me drown
Or let me find my own way out
Growing goes both ways
Digging and breaching
This is what causes the pain
Giving and taking
There's no progress to be made
Track Name: Ordinary Life
Fuck what you think of the life I lead
Fuck what society thinks I need
I refuse to let the American dream define me

College life, white picket fence two kids and a wife
I will not bury myself under the lies of a "normal life"

We all end up the same, six feet under
We weren't made to survive we were made to die

These faces that I see starring back at me, are the only family I will ever need. I'm sick of this shit, wasted efforts, I'm done. I don't give a fuck, like father like son.

I will never succumb to the promise of pay, if it means settling with something I hate. Go on keep pretending to be happy, ill sit back and pretend to not be laughing
Track Name: Everything Leaves//Nothing Stays
There's something eating at me, from the inside. It's been there since i lost faith in life. Planted when I understood that everything i know will eventually die.

"Six feet, breach reality, reach up, no one helps me.
Crushed by the hands of time.
Can't you see, No one can help me"

Can't you see, No one can help me

"Forced to pull myself from a place I never wanted to be
I didn't ask for your help, or anyone else's"

I can pull my own weight ill be just fine

Feeding on light It lives in the darkest corners of my mind. Leaving me Blind and terrified to die buried alive crushed by the hands of time
Track Name: Pain
Your God is watching me fail from the nose bleeds
Everyone knows those are the cheapest seats

look at the worst in yourself.
you'll find the same in someone else

It's a shame these days we find humor in somebody else's pain.

I did this to my self
I am the one to blame.